Global Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment

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This study analyzes the global market for electric power transmission and distribution equipment. Historical data for 2008, 2013, and 2018 and forecasts for 2023 are provided on a country-by-country and region-by-region basis for electric power transmission and distribution demand (by product type and by market).



Products that are discussed in the report include:

  • transformers – classified as power, distribution (which include subsurface, pad-mounted, overhead, and platform-mounted designs, all of which are available in one-and three-phase configurations), and other transformers (including a variety of products such as machine tool control transformers, power-regulating transformers, and specialty transformers – such as HID ballast transformers – which are primarily used in instruments, machinery, tools, and other electrical equipment)
  • switchgear and switchgear apparatus – including low-voltage products (e.g., panel boards, distribution switchboards, and switches), circuit breakers, duct, fuses, metal-clad and metal-enclosed products, and relays


The major electric power transmission and distribution markets are:

  • electric utilities
  • industrial and nonutility generators, including independent power producers
  • commercial, government, and residential

Excluded from the scope of the study are electronic transformers, electric meters, fluorescent lamp ballasts, pole and transmission line hardware, cable, and power generation equipment (e.g., generators, motors).

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