Global Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Disinfectants & Sanitizers

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Global demand for industrial and institutional disinfectants and sanitizers is projected to grow 4.6% per year to $7.9 million in 2026, supported by:

  • growth in food and beverage processing
  • gains in healthcare spending, notably in:
    • the Asia/Pacific region, boosted by above-average gains in per capita healthcare spending in China, India, and other smaller markets
    • developed economies, where from higher levels healthcare utilization by aging populations will support moderate growth
  • a rebound in the foodservice industry following the COVID-19 pandemic

However, faster growth will be limited by a high 2021 base that resulted from more frequent and stringent sanitation protocols.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing to Remain Largest Outlet for I&I Disinfectants & Sanitizers

Food and beverage processing was the largest application for I&I disinfectants and sanitizer in 2021, accounting for nearly 45% of overall demand in any given year. These levels are supported by the ubiquity of food and beverage processing worldwide. In addition, food safe formulations of disinfectants and cleaners tend to be higher value products, due to the extensive levels of testing required to achieve approval for use in food and beverage processing. Food and beverage processing is also under more stringent scrutiny and regulation by governmental bodies, resulting in more thorough cleaning and sanitation of food and beverage manufacturing facilities.

Through 2026, gains will boosted by sustained growth in food and beverage processing activity, an effect that will be even more pronounced in developing regions. Demand in these areas will also be driven by the establishment of sanitation standards – particularly in countries that are significant exporters of foods and beverages – that are similar to those in developed regions. Unlike many other markets that utilize disinfectants and sanitizers, demand in food and beverage processing was minimally impacted by effects of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the essential nature of the industry.

The Asia/Pacific Region to See Strong Demand Growth

Through 2026, demand for I&I disinfectants and sanitizers in the Asia/Pacific region is forecast to grow at a strong rate. China is expected to see the largest absolute increases, accounting for 61% of regional gains. Despite relatively low per capita healthcare spending, the nation’s overall healthcare spending expected to grow well above the global average, thereby benefiting demand for disinfectants and sanitizers. In addition, the construction of new governmental and institutional facilities – such as municipal buildings, schools, and parks – to meet the needs of growing urban populations will boost demand for I&I disinfectants and sanitizers.

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