Pharmaceutical Packaging in the US by Product and Market, 12th Edition

Changing Market Environment Will Drive Growth in Pharmaceutical Packaging Products

Pharmaceutical Packaging Market

Growth will reflect the expanding production and consumption of ethical and OTC drugs attributable to an increasing need for medication spurred by aging demographic patterns and evolving epidemiological trends. Other factors boosting demand will encompass changing patient care approaches promoting the use of pharmaceuticals over more expensive forms of treatment; the development and introduction of new and improved drug therapies; and the widening use of OTC drugs, nutritional preparations, and herbal medicines for self-treatment and preventive healthcare.

Key Findings in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Study

Parenteral Containers Will Lead Growth of Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging

Among primary pharmaceutical packaging, parenteral containers will post the fastest growth in demand, both in units and value. This trend will reflect the increasing availability and use of advanced injectable and infusion therapies for cancer, hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis, and other complex diseases. Prefillable syringes will provide the best growth opportunities due to infection prevention and response time advantages and better adaptability to self-administration. Vials will also retain a sizable share of demand based on low cost and improving materials

Versatility Advantages Will Boost Demand of Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging and Plastic Bottles

Blister packaging and conventional plastic bottles will continue to divide most demand as oral pharmaceutical containers. Blister packaging will command faster sales growth based on adaptability to unit dose formats with adherence enhancing, expanded label content, high visibility, and built-in track and trace features. However, plastic bottles will retain the larger share of demand, reflecting applications in the bulk and prescription dose packaging of solid oral drugs and the overall packaging of oral liquid medication.

Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging Holds Mixed Growth Prospects

Dispensing closures, parenteral stoppers, thermoformed trays, clamshell packs, security-enhanced labels, and intelligent components will provide the fastest growth opportunities among secondary pharmaceutical packaging products based on high value-added features that improve drug delivery, barrier protection, convenience, product security, and/or recordkeeping. Demand for most other pharmaceutical closures, secondary containers, and packaging accessories will expand at a slower pace as they consist mostly of multiple supplier commodities with limited pricing flexibility.

Study Coverage

This industry study presents historical demand data (2006, 2011 and 2016) and forecasts for 2021 by product (glass and plastic bottles, blister packaging, parenteral containers, prefillable inhalers, pouches, tubes, closures, secondary containers, labels and packaging accessories), and market (pharmaceutical manufacturing, contract packaging, retail and institutional pharmacies, and other). The study also evaluates company market share and competitive analysis on industry competitors including Becton Dickinson, Berry Global, WestRock, West Pharmaceutical Services, Amcor, CCL Industries, Gerresheimer, SCHOTT, Sharp, 3M, Vetter Pharma International, and AptarGroup.

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