Wipes Market in the US by Product and Market, 8th Edition

Product Development and Adoption Spur Expansion of the Wipes Market

Wipes Market

US gains for wipes will be fueled by ongoing innovation and improvement in wipes formulations and applications. New wipes products, as well as new ingredients and materials among existing products, continue to support higher market value. Additionally, new and improved products increase wipes’ competitiveness against alternatives such as cloth rags and separate cleaners, leading to new adoptions of wipes among consumers and industrial and institutional establishments.

Key Findings in the Wipes Study

High Value Features and Specialty Product Introductions Drive Growth

In many markets, such as personal care and manufacturing, high-end wipes continue to grow and contribute to rapid gains in pricing and market value. Among personal care products, for example, facial wipes increasingly incorporate multifunctional formulations that make for a more value-added product. In other consumer markets, specialty wipes continue to crop up for new, specific applications, such as pet care. In manufacturing, special purpose wipes such as clean room wipes make use of advanced materials for powerful and precise performance. Even among general-purpose wipes, such as in industrial and foodservice applications, new substrate technologies continue to improve on the effectiveness of wipes, and to make for high-value product offerings.

Natural & Eco-Friendly Wipes Support Premiumization and Price Growth

Consumer demand for naturally sourced, gentle, and environmentally friendly products contributes to premiumization within many consumer wipes markets. The growing use of plant-based substrates (e.g., wood pulp) and additives (e.g., aloe, cucumber extract, or tea tree oil) over petroleum-based ingredients adds to the appeal of wipes among conscientious consumers. This not only makes wipes more competitive against more traditional products, such as reusable cloth, but it also tends to allow for higher pricing and faster value gains.

Concerns over Surface Disinfection Benefit Multiple Major Markets

The spread of infection and other contaminants is a concern in various settings, and reusable products such as cloth rags and towels can allow for cross-contamination. Single-use wipes continue to gain use in household, healthcare, and foodservice applications to effectively disinfect surfaces with less risk of cross-contamination. Here, too, market value is also improved by ongoing product development, as manufacturers compete to offer the fastest disinfection.

Study Coverage

This industry study presents historical demand data (2006, 2011 and 2016) and forecasts (2021) by product (wet and dry wipes) and market (consumer and industrial and institutional). Consumer markets include personal care, which contains baby wipes, and household care. Industrial and institutional markets include manufacturing, health care, and commercial markets. The study also evaluates company market share and competitive analysis on industry competitors including Nice-Pak, Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble, Rockline Industries, and Stryker.

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