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Article Title: Freedonia Report Covers World Polyethylene
Publication: PFFC Paper, Film & Foil Converter, 11/13/2014
Freedonia Study: World Polyethylene (3210)

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According to World Polyethylene, a new study from the Freedonia Group, global demand for polyethylene resins—HDPE, LLDPE, and LDPE—will rise 4.0%/yr to 99.6 million metric tons in 2018, valued at $164 billion. Gains will match overall world economic growth, fueled by an acceleration in consumer spending and manufacturing activity. The study says PE will continue to be the most widely used plastic resin in the world, benefiting from its versatility, easy processability, low cost, and recyclability. The development of ethylene feedstocks from new sources such as shale gas, coal, and biobased materials will also give PE a price or sustainability advantage relative to other plastic resins. Moreover, continually improving polymerization catalyst technologies will enhance the performance, customization, and yield of PE resins. HDPE is the most widely used of the three PE resins, accounting for just under half of total demand in 2013.
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