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Article Title: World Demand for Floor Coverings to Reach 19.4 Billion Square Meters
Publication:, 1/15/2015
Freedonia Study: World Flooring & Carpets (3227)

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Through 2018, global demand for floor coverings is forecast to advance 4.5 percent annually to 19.4 billion square meters, valued at $325 billion. Growth represents an improvement from the rate of the 2008-2013 period due to an expected rebound in housing construction in many higher income countries, including the US and some in Western Europe. In less developed countries, flooring and carpet demand will benefit from continued strong growth in building construction activity and rising per capita incomes that will allow households to purchase more expensive floor coverings. Additionally, rising motor vehicle production in many areas will boost overall demand for floor coverings. Residential buildings constitute the largest market for floor coverings, accounting for 57 percent of sales in 2013. Nonresidential buildings made up 37 percent of demand, while transportation and other markets represented the remainder. These and other trends are presented in World Flooring & Carpet, a new stud
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