Advances in Technologies Widen Market Opportunities for Heat Shrink Label Use

Developments in production technologies and printing techniques – including advances in shrink tunnels, flexography, and digital printing – are widening heat shrink use beyond food and beverage markets. See the new study Heat Shrink & Stretch Sleeve Labels for more information.

Primary heat shrink labels are increasingly used for:

  • cosmetics
  • toiletries
  • OTC pharmaceuticals
  • nutritional supplements

Heat shrink labels’ range is also expanding beyond primary labels into:

  • multipack collation films and overlabels
  • labels on large caps like on laundry detergent for added promotional space
  • tamper-evident printed neck bands

Shrink sleeves will find increasing use in beverage applications to give a no-label look. Additionally, shrink sleeves will see adoption in pharmaceutical applications due to their tamper evidence properties.

Heat Shrink & Stretch Sleeve Labels analyzes the United States market for heat shrink and stretch sleeve labels. In the context of this report, a label is defined as any material adhered to an object to indicate contents, pricing, ownership, directions, destinations, ratings, warnings, or other information.

Markets covered in the study include:

  • food processing
  • beverages
  • pharmaceuticals
  • cosmetics and toiletries
  • other primary packaging (e.g., automotive chemicals, household cleaning chemicals, medical devices, apparel and textiles, lawn and garden production, paper and plastic products, sporting goods, tobacco, toys)