Amusement Parks: United States

This report forecasts to 2024 the number of US amusement park visits and revenues in nominal US dollars. Average revenues per visit in nominal US dollars are also forecast to 2024. Total visits are segmented by park type in terms of theme parks and water parks. Total revenues are segmented by source as follows: admission, and other sources such as beverages, food, and merchandise.

To illustrate historical trends, total visits, total revenue, average revenues per visit, and the various segments are provided in annual series from 2009 to 2019.

Venues such as arcades, carnivals, fairs, family entertainment centers, laser tag facilities, museums, pools, ski resorts, and zoos operated independently of an amusement park are excluded from the scope of this report. In addition, operating rides on a concession basis in amusement parks or fairs and carnivals, or operating a single attraction, is outside the scope of this report. Also excluded are the revenues from park-affiliated hotels.

Key macroeconomic indicators are also provided with quantified trends. Other various topics, including profiles of pertinent leading companies, are covered in this report. A full outline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.

Related NAICS Code:
713110 Amusement and Theme Parks

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