Travel Services: United States

This report forecasts to 2022 and 2026 US travel services revenue in nominal US dollars. Total revenues are segmented by service in terms of: commission; tours; trip planning; other travel services such as insurance, travel documents, and currency exchange; and other sources such as advertising and sales of goods. Total commission revenues are further segmented by source as follows: lodging; event tickets; airline seats; cruises; and other commission such as fees from the booking of guided tours, miscellaneous forms of transport, and reservation system rentals to third parties. Total revenues are also segmented by market as follows: leisure and business.

To illustrate historical trends, total revenue and the various segments are provided in annual series from 2011 to 2021.

For the purpose of this report, commissions refer to remittances made by other travel companies (e.g., airlines, hotels, tour operators), such as those made for the referral of customers. Fees paid directly to the travel service provider by the customer for arranging services (e.g., accommodations, entertainment, transport) are included in trip planning revenue. US travel service revenues include income from all domestic establishments primarily engaged in providing travel services. The revenues of both employer and nonemployer firms are included.

Key macroeconomic indicators are also provided with quantified trends. Other various topics, including profiles of pertinent leading companies, are covered in this report. A full outline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.

Related NAICS Codes:
561510 Travel Agencies
561520 Tour Operators
561599 All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services

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