Waste Management: United States

This report forecasts to 2023 US waste management revenues in nominal US dollars. Total revenues are segmented by establishment type in terms of: solid waste; remediation; hazardous waste; material recovery; and other establishments, such as those specializing in septic tank cleaning services. Total revenue is also segmented by market as follows: businesses, governments, and households.

To illustrate historical trends, total revenues and the various segments, and the number of firms, establishments, and employment are provided in annual series from 2008 to 2018.

The scope of this report encompasses private firms that primarily engage in waste management services. Excluded are firms that primarily engage in: environmental consulting; operation of water or sewage treatment plants; supply of water for drinking, irrigation, and other uses; and specialized freight and long-distance trucking services.

Key macroeconomic indicators are also provided with quantified trends. Other various topics, including profiles of pertinent leading companies, are covered in this report. A full outline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.

Related NAICS Codes:
562111 Solid Waste Collection
562112 Hazardous Waste Collection
562119 Other Waste Collection
562211 Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
562212 Solid Waste Landfill
562213 Solid Waste Combustors and Incinerators
562219 Other Nonhazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
562910 Remediation Services
562920 Materials Recovery Facilities
562991 Septic Tank and Related Services
562998 All Other Miscellaneous Waste Management Services

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