Bathroom Organization Products

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This study analyzes the US market for bathroom organization products. This includes purchases made by consumers, including those installed themselves (DIY) or by professionals.

Sales data are presented by product, material, and installation type.

Products are discussed in terms of:

  • bins, baskets, and totes
  • shelving
  • modular units (e.g., organization kits or systems) and various components (e.g., cubes, drawers, bins, open racks, shelves, and rods)
  • hanging storage
  • accessories and hardware (e.g., drawer and shelf dividers, hooks, jewelry tray inserts, lazy susans, pull-out drawers, valet rods)

Material segments include:

  • metal and wire, including plastic coated wire
  • plastic
  • wood and laminate, including solid wood and laminate-covered engineered wood
  • wicker, rattan, and other natural weaves, such as hyacinth, seagrass, and bamboo
  • textiles and other materials (e.g., canvas, vinyl, glass)

Installation segments are do-it-yourself (DIY) and professional. In addition, retail sales are discussed by product type.

Sales of products to nonresidential end users are not included. Also excluded are:

  • conventional cabinets
  • furniture, including bookcases
  • laundry baskets
  • preinstalled accessories
  • waste baskets and recycle bins

Sales of bathroom organization products are examined by product and market in US dollars at the manufacturers’ level, unless noted otherwise (as in the Retail Sales Trends section). Historical data for 2010, 2015, and 2020 and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 are presented in current dollars (which are not adjusted to account for inflation).

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