Converted Flexible Packaging

As Quoted In Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

15th Edition

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The $19.8 billion converted flexible packaging market – which consists of pouches, bags, wraps, and other packaging products – will benefit from cost and performance advantages compared to rigid alternatives.

Flexible Packaging

Pouch demand will expand rapidly based on the added advantages of these products, primarily related to package aesthetics and barrier capability.

This report encompasses converted flexible packaging products that are used by a number of markets in a variety of applications. Product segments discussed are:

  • bags
  • pouches
  • wraps
  • other (vacuum skin packaging, chubs, strip packs)

Market segments include:

  • meat, poultry, and seafood
  • baked goods
  • snack food
  • produce
  • candy and confections
  • pet food
  • dairy products
  • frozen food
  • beverages
  • grain mill products
  • other food (baby food, coffee and tea, sauces and condiments, pasta, dry mixes, sugar, energy bars, processed fruits and vegetables, spices, soups)
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical products
  • agricultural and horticultural
  • chemicals
  • paper and textile products
  • rack and counter
  • other nonfood (includes building materials, personal care products, auto chemicals, plastic and rubber products, tobacco products, pet products, leather goods, furniture, military supplies, and books)

Material segments comprise:

  • plastic film
  • paper
  • aluminum foil

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