Frozen Food Packaging

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This study analyzes the market for frozen food packaging. Historical (2009, 2014 and 2019) data and forecasts to 2024 are presented in current dollars

Applications covered include:

  • frozen specialty foods:
    • appetizers
    • breakfast foods such as waffles, pancakes, French toast, and toaster pastries
    • breakfast sandwiches
    • entrées
    • frozen dinners
    • hand-held entrées
    • plant-based meat alternative products
    • pizzas such as pizza pies, slices, flatbreads, pizza pockets, and pizza rolls,
    • side dishes
    • soups
    • whipped toppings
  • meat, poultry, and seafood, including fresh, unprepared item as well as further processed types, such as breaded poultry and seafood:
    • meat (including beef and veal, pork, and lamb) as well as meat products marketed as breakfast meats
    • poultry (chicken, turkey, and other products such as goose and duck)
    • seafood (all fish and shellfish)
  • frozen baked goods, including:
    • bagels
    • biscuits
    • bread rolls and loaves
    • cakes, cheesecakes, and cake bites
    • cheese and sweet rolls
    • cinnamon rolls
    • cookies and brownies
    • dough and batters (cookie, pastry, filo)
    • eclairs and other pastries
    • flan, custard, crème brûlée
    • muffins
    • pie and pizza crusts
    • pies
    • rolls
    • tarts
    • tortillas
  • fruit, vegetables, and juice:
    • plain vegetables and fruit products
    • prepared frozen vegetables, such as breaded onion rings, mushrooms and eggplant, veggie pastas, and mashed cauliflower
    • juice concentrates – including 100% juice concentrates and juice drink concentrates (e.g., lemonade and fruit punch)
    • French fries, which are considered a potato product
  • ice cream and other frozen desserts:
    • hard and soft ice cream
    • hard and soft frozen yogurt
    • sherbet
    • sorbet
    • gelato
    • frozen custard
    • flavored ices
    • ice cream cakes
    • ice cream novelties (i.e., single-serve units of any of the above)
    • other frozen foods, including (e.g., sauces, baby food, pet food, cocktail mixers, nondairy creamers, liquid eggs, herbs, drink mixes)

For the purposes of this study, entrées are distinguished from dinners in that they do not generally contain a complete meal. Excluded from this segment are hand-held entrées, which are included in the Other Frozen Specialties segment.

Excluded from the scope of this study are:

  • packaged ice
  • frozen carryout
  • meal delivery program foods
  • shelf-stable products that are frozen after purchase

Packaging product segments covered include:

  • aluminum foil packaging:
    • including containers as well as lidding
    • excluding laminated foil and paper bags – such as those used for frozen bread—which are in the paper segment
  • bags
  • boxes (e.g., folding cartons – also known as folding paperboard boxes – corrugated boxes, gable top cartons)
  • chubs
  • lidding film:
    • including plastic film lidding (typically made from one or more layers of plastics such as PET or PP), paper lidding, and aluminum foil lidding
    • excluding paper and plastic lids sold together with accompanying paper or plastic containers as well as plastic overwrap and shrink wrap
  • paperboard sleeves, including paperboard sleeves used as outer packaging and paperboard susceptor sleeves
  • plastic containers:
    • including clamshells, domed containers, two-piece plastic containers, cans, pails, bottles, and jars as well as lids sold with the container
    • excluding composite cans (which are considered a rigid paper and paperboard product for the purposes of this study) as well as plastic tubs, cups, bowls, and separately sold lids
  • pouches, including:
    • flat (e.g., pillow, four-side seal, and three-side seal)
    • stand-up, including round-bottom/Doyen, K-seal, corner-bottom, flat-bottom
  • trays:
    • rigid plastic trays, made from such resins as polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and crystallized polyethylene terephthalate (CPET)
    • trays produced via thermoforming plastic film
    • trays made from paperboard or molded pulp (i.e., molded fiber)
  • tubs, cups, and bowls:
    • including round and square-round tubs, cups, and bowls for retail packaging as well as larger tubs, such as those used to package ice cream for foodservice establishments
    • including lids that are sold with the unit, but excluding those sold separately
  • vacuum skin packaging (VSP)
  • wrap:
    • including foil wrap, paper wrap and overwrap, as well as plastic film wrap and overwrap, including stretch and shrink film/wrap and thermoforming film
    • excluding lidding films, chubs, brick packs, vacuum seal packaging (VSP), and vacuum sealed bags
  • other packaging formats, including cans made of materials other than plastic, paper interleaving, corrugated circles for pizza and baked goods, and paperboard tubes for ice cream novelties

Corrugated boxes used as primary packaging are included; however, corrugated boxes for secondary packaging with case quantities are excluded, as are shipping containers and retail-ready packaging.

Also excluded are separately sold lids, caps, and closures.

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