Global Construction Machinery

7th Edition

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This comprehensive study analyzes global supply of and demand for construction machinery.

Historical data for 2008, 2013, and 2018, and forecasts for 2023 and 2028 are provided for demand by product type, total production, and net exports on a country-by-country basis in millions of current US dollars, including inflation. Also provided at the world level is construction machinery demand by product type in thousands of units.



The following types of products are covered:

  • excavators, including crawler-mounted, hydraulic, and cable-types
  • loaders (wheel, skid steer, crawler, and backhoes)
  • cranes (e.g., truck-based and tower cranes) and draglines
  • dozers (angledozers, bulldozers, wheel dozers, and crawler dozers) and off-highway trucks
  • mixers, pavers, and related equipment (such as asphalt screeds, concrete mixer trucks, and concrete pumps)
  • graders, rollers, and related equipment (including scrapers)
  • separately sold replacement parts and attachments (auger drives, blades, buckets, couplers, drills, grabs, hammers, shovels, etc.)

Construction machinery used in mining, energy, forestry, and other nonconstruction applications (e.g., agriculture) is included in this study. The study covers both self-powered and non-self-powered machinery.

However, excluded from the scope of this report are:

  • handheld equipment, such as jackhammers
  • certain products sometimes considered to be construction equipment, including aerial work platforms, dredging machinery, forklifts and telehandlers, industrial cranes, log splitters, pile driving equipment, and tunneling machinery
  • cranes used in seaports (specifically those for maritime applications)
  • used construction equipment
  • sales of parts and attachments to new machinery OEMs


Construction Cranes

Machines used principally to lift and position large objects, such as cement hoppers for building and concrete columns, large process tanks in chemical facilities, and metal beams in bridge construction. With the use of attachments such as clamshells, dragline buckets, and magnets, cranes can also be used in earthmoving and material handling applications.


Primarily used for earthmoving applications in building and nonbuilding construction, surface mining operations, and landfills. There are two basic types of dozers: angledozers and bulldozers.


Machines utilized primarily in earthmoving applications, such as the building of foundations and trench digging, although they can also be used to lift small pieces of equipment and materials where the use of a crane is not feasible or one is not available.


Also known as motor graders, these machines employ a centrally located large blade to create a flat surface.


Machines used to move soil and other materials. Wheel, skid steer, and crawler loaders are distinguished by their drive and steering system.

Mixers & Pavers

Machines used to prepare asphalt, concrete, and mortar for building construction. Special types of concrete pavers are utilized in canal and waterway construction.

Off-Highway Trucks (Haulers)

Machines used, often in conjunction with trailers, to transport large quantities of material from one location to another, often in rough terrain conditions in which conventional trucks would be ill-suited to operate.


A machine often utilized in road or foundation construction applications; it compacts asphalt, concrete, gravel, or dirt.

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