Global Filters

7th Edition

Featuring 106 tables and 96 figures – now available in Excel and Powerpoint!

The nearly $70 billion global filter market is driven by numerous trends including:

  • economic and population growth
  • advances in worldwide manufacturing and construction activity
  • the expansion of the world’s motor vehicle, motorcycle, and equipment stocks, which will spur replacement product sales
  • additional government investment in utilities networks
  • increasing consumer demand for filtration products around the world
  • a shift toward higher-quality, better-performing filtration technologies
Filtration Products

This study analyzes global supply of and demand for filters by major world region. Products covered include:

  • internal combustion engine and related filters, including oil, air intake, and fuel filters
  • fluid filters, including fluid power filters and consumer water filters
  • air filters, including panel and pocket filters and fabric air pollution filters

Membranes are excluded from the scope of this study.

The leading markets for filters are:

  • transportation equipment, particularly motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • manufacturing
  • consumer
  • utilities
  • off-road equipment
  • other markets (e.g., foodservice industry, medical devices, recreation products)

Historical data (2007, 2012, 2017) and forecasts for 2022 and 2027 are provided for shipments, demand, and net exports of filters in current US dollars at the manufacturers’ level. Historical sales are provided in US dollars and local currency (when applicable) for the major countries discussed in the report.

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