Global Major Household Appliances

13th Edition

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White Goods

This study analyzes global supply and sales of major household appliances, also known as “white goods”.

Covered products include:

  • refrigerators:
    • units that contain a freezer compartment
    • standalone refrigerators
    • all-purpose refrigeration units, regardless of size
  • standalone freezers (freezers included in a refrigerator are counted in refrigerator sales for the purpose of this study), regardless of size
  • washing machines, including combination washer-dryer units (both all-in-one units that have both washing and drying functions in one drum and single, stacked units – often called “laundry centers” – that contain separate washing and drying drums)
  • clothes dryers sold separately from washing machines, excluding combination washer-dryer units (which are counted as washing machines in this study)
  • large cooking appliances:
    • cooktops (also known as hobs),
    • standalone ovens
    • ranges (also known as stoves)
  • dishwashers, including portable, countertop, and built-in dishwasher units

Also included are:

  • commercial-grade units that are installed in residential homes, as well as major household appliances that are installed in outdoor residential spaces (e.g., garages, outdoor kitchens)
  • portable and countertop versions of the covered products
  • specialty appliances (e.g., kimchi and wine refrigerators)
  • combination units:
    • refrigerators with a freezer compartment
    • all-in-one kitchen units also known as combo-kitchens (For the purposes of this study, each major household appliance installed in one of these units counts as a separate unit for sales and appliances in use.)
    • combination washer-dryer units and laundry centers

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