Global Mining Equipment

8th Edition

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Mining Equipment

This study analyzes global supply of and demand for mining equipment. Products covered by this report include:

  • surface mining equipment
    • mining trucks
    • excavators and shovels
    • loaders
    • mining dozers or tractors
    • other surface mining machinery (e.g., compactors, draglines, graders, other earthmoving machinery, and specialized conveying equipment)
  • underground mining equipment
    • augers
    • borers
    • continuous miners
    • drums
    • face-haulage vehicles
    • hydraulic roof supports
    • loader machines
    • longwall mining systems
    • rippers and shearers
    • roadheaders
    • roof bolters
    • underground dozers, loaders, and trucks
  • mining drills and breakers, and portable drilling rigs
    • electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic blastholes
    • core, coal, percussion, and rotary drills
    • track-, trailer-, truck-mounted, and portable drilling rigs
    • breakers
  • crushing, pulverizing, and screening equipment used in mining applications
    • grinding mills and pulverizers
    • portable crushing, screening, washing, and combination plants
    • stationary crushers
    • stationary vibrating screens and related products
  • mineral processing and other miscellaneous mining equipment (e.g., beneficiation, in situ leaching, and underwater mining equipment)
    • centrifuges
    • classifiers
    • dryers
    • feeders
    • flotation and related equipment
    • spiral concentrators
    • thickeners
  • mining machinery parts and attachments (e.g., blades, buckets, filters for beneficiation equipment, mining drill bits, etc.)

Excluded from the scope of the study are certain products that can be used at mining sites and are sometimes considered to be mining machinery, including general purpose material handling and oilfield equipment. Also excluded is used and rebuilt mining machinery of all types.

Historical data for 2009, 2014, and 2019 and forecasts to 2024 and 2029 are provided for mining equipment supply and demand in current dollars (which are not adjusted to account for inflation).

Demand is also segmented by market:

  • metals
  • minerals
  • coal (including anthracide, or hard coal, and bituminous, or soft coal)

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