Hand Tools

This study includes a Near-Term Impact of COVID-19.

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This report encompasses hand tools and parts and associated attachments that are used in a variety of applications. Tools purchased as a part of a tool set are included in each individual product category.

Types of hand tools and their parts and attachments include:

  • hand service tools
    • specialized automotive tools such as airbag deployment tools, distributor clamp wrenches, lug wrenches, manual and hydraulic automobile jacks, muffler chisels, and seal replacers
    • wrenches (including socket; open ended and combination; adjustable, including pipe wrenches, adjustable spanners, monkey wrenches and plumber’s wrenches; torque; and other wrenches, such as brake bleeder, clamp, lug, oxygen sensor, universal wrenches)
    • pliers (solid-joint, including needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, wire twisters, and certain snips; and slip-joint, which include tongue-and-groove pliers and locking pliers)
    • screwdrivers (e.g., slotted, or “flat-head”; Phillips, or “four-sided”)
    • hammers (including ball peen, claw, and other types, such as brick, drywall, soft-face, tack, and upholstery)
    • other hand service tools (e.g., sledges, picks, mauls, nail pullers, clamps, and caulking guns)
  • edge tools
    • paint and masonry tools, such as glasscutters, patching knives, putty knives, scrapers, spackling knives, taping knives, utility knives, and wallpaper strippers
    • chisels and gouges (including firmer, mortise, and paring chisels)
    • axes, adzes, and hatchets
  • other hand tools
    • hand saws
    • precision measuring tools (e.g., calipers, gauges, micrometers, squares)
    • multitools
    • all other hand tools (e.g., augers, files, levels, measuring tapes, planers, professional staplers, rasps, tampers)
  • parts and attachments
    • replacement handles for hand tools such as axes, sledges, mauls, and hammers
    • repair pieces for ratchets, torques, and other hand tools
    • replacement nosepieces and jaws for hand riveters
    • saw blades
    • screwdriver bit sets

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In addition, demand is segmented by market:

  • professional, including:
  • construction
  • automotive aftermarket
  • industrial and other professional markets (including consumer durable goods, furniture, industrial equipment, machinery, and transportation vehicles such as aircraft and automobiles)
  • consumer

Demand is also segmented by distribution channel, including:

  • direct sales and distributors
  • home centers
  • hardware stores
  • mass marketers
  • e-commerce

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