Medical Device Packaging

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This report analyzes the US market for medical device packaging in units and in US dollars. Containers discussed include:

  • trays (thermoformed plastic, aluminum, and paperboard)
  • reagent, solution, and media bottles, which consist of glass and plastic blood culture and culture media bottles
  • clamshell packs (hinged and non-hinged packs)
  • pouches (four-sided seal, three-sided seal, and other pouches)
  • folding cartons, corrugated, and set-up boxes
  • reagent and other vials, which include conventional parenteral-like containers (glass and plastic)
  • bags (single and coextruded film, laminated, and paper)
  • blister packs (compartment and other packs)
  • media plates and dishes (microplates and petri dishes)
Medical Packaging

The study also examines the following packaging accessories:

  • labels:
    • security labels, which include such labels as RFID labels and authentication labels with such features as color shifting inks
    • standard labels, which include paper and film types, header labels, and pressure-sensitive, heat shrink (i.e., shrink sleeves and roll-fed shrink labels), and stretch sleeve labels without security features
    • package inserts, including adhesive leaflets and multi-page informational sheets
  • lidding (nonwoven, plastic/foil, and paper)
  • security components (temperature indictors, RFID tags, tamper-evident seals)
  • vial and bottle closures (screw-threaded closures, elastomeric and rubber stoppers, and other closures, which include septa and crimp systems)
  • shipping supplies
    • protective packaging inserts (e.g., air pillows, cotton padding, and insulation)
    • wrappings
    • tapes
  • shrink wrap and bands
  • desiccants (silica gel, activated clay, polymers, and other desiccants)

End-use applications include:

  • diagnostic substances
  • surgical and medical instruments
  • surgical appliances and supplies
  • electromedical and irradiation equipment
  • dental equipment and supplies
  • ophthalmic goods

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