Molded Pulp Packaging

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This study covers US demand for molded pulp – also known as molded fiber – packaging. The terms “molded pulp” and “molded fiber” are used interchangeably throughout the report. Historical demand is presented for the years 2009, 2014, and 2019, with forecasts to 2024, in current US dollars at the manufacturers’ level. Unit demand data is also available for selected products.

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Bagasse Packaging

Excluded from this study are packaging products purchased and used outside of the US, even if the packaged product is manufactured for, and shipped to, US customers.

Molded pulp packaging demand is segmented by market in terms of:

  • primary packaging for food and nonfood items :
    • trays used for eggs, produce, and meats
    • filler flats used for eggs and produce (including filler flat lids or caps)
    • egg cartons
    • produce baskets, tills, and punnets
    • bowls, such as those used for frozen entrees
    • nonfood containers, such as detergent bottles and cosmetic boxes
  • foodservice packaging :
    • clamshells and other takeout/carryout containers
    • plates, bowls, and bowl lids
    • drink carriers and combination food and drink carriers
    • lunch trays
    • other serviceware products, such as cups, cup lids and sleeves, food serving boats, folding cartons, and pizza boxes
  • protective packaging:
    • tray inserts
    • end caps
    • shippers
    • cradles
    • pallets
    • corner guards

Major markets for molded pulp packaging are also segmented by application in terms of the following:

  • primary packaging:
    • eggs
    • produce
    • meat and frozen food
    • nonfood packaging
  • foodservice packaging:
    • limited service restaurants
    • institutions
    • full service restaurants
    • other foodservice applications (e.g., sports and recreation venues, lodging and hospitality establishments)
  • protective packaging:
    • wine and other beverages
    • e-commerce
    • automotive parts
    • industrial components
    • food products
    • electronics
    • appliances and other durables (e.g., tools and hardware, picture frames)
    • other nondurables (e.g., plastic film, candles, cans of paint)

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