Power Lawn & Garden Equipment

13th Edition

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Lawn and Garden Equipment

This study examines the US market for power lawn and garden equipment.

Historical data for 2009, 2014, and 2019 and forecasts for 2024 and 2029 for manufacturers’ shipments, demand, imports, and exports are provided in current dollar terms (which are not adjusted for inflation). Demand is also provided in unit terms. Major power sources, markets, and regional trends are also analyzed. Excluded from the scope of this study is machinery used in agricultural applications. Also excluded are compact utility equipment (e.g., compact utility loaders and skid steers) and other related products that have a primary purpose in construction markets.

Demand is presented by product:

  • lawn mowers
    • front-engine riding mowers (also called lawn tractors)
    • rear-engine riding mowers (including zero turn types)
    • walk behind lawn mowers (self-propelled, push)
    • robotic lawn mowers
    • turf and grounds mowers
    • riding mowers (e.g., rotary, reel; including zero turn types)
    • walk behind mowers (including robotic lawn mowers)
    • stand-on and other specialty mowers (e.g., trimmer mowers)
    • tow-behind mowers with dedicated engines
  • trimmers and edgers, including:
    • wire blade and string trimmers
    • trimmer/edger combination productions (whether wire blade or fixed blade)
    • fixed blade edgers
    • brush cutters (fixed blade)
  • garden tractors and rotary tillers, including garden tractors with:
    • under 16 horsepower (hp)
    • 16 hp to 19.9 hp
    • 20 hp and over
    • chainsaws
    • blowers, vacuums, and sweepers
    • snow blowers/snow throwers (single-, dual-, and three-stage)
  • other equipment, including:
    • compact utility tractors
    • hedge trimmers
    • turf tracks, turf aerators, turf dethatchers
    • multi-tools designed for used with attachments
    • cultivators and tillers/cultivators
    • pole saws and pruners
    • seeders and spreaders
    • chippers and shredders
    • log splitters and stump grinders
  • parts and attachments, including:
    • mower blades
    • replacement chains for chainsaws
    • extra/replacement batteries
    • certain tow-behind mowers and tillers
    • snow plows and attachment-type snow blowers
    • multi-tool attachments

Since the vast majority of engines for power lawn and garden equipment are used in OEM capacities, engines are excluded from the scope of this study, except insofar as they contribute to the value of the equipment that they power. Unpowered lawn mowers are also excluded from the scope of the study

Demand is also segmented by power source:

  • internal combustion engine
  • corded electric
  • battery-powered/cordless electric

Market segmentation includes:

  • residential
  • commercial
  • landscaping
  • golf courses
  • government and other commercial (e.g., parks, athletic facilities, school grounds, government building grounds, roadside property)

Finally, demand is discussed in terms of US region: Northeast, Midwest, South, and West.


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