Prefabricated Housing

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Manufactured Housing

This study analyzes US demand for prefabricated housing by product type and by US region and subregion. Demand is provided in unit terms, value terms, and installed per unit value.

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Prefabricated housing demand is segmented into the following product types:

  • manufactured housing, including single-section, double-section, and three and more section homes
  • modular housing (including “tiny homes” or accessory dwelling units, or ADUs)
  • precut homes (including log houses, domes, A-frame, and post-and-beam, homes)
  • panelized housing

Excluded from the scope of the study are:

  • manufactured and modular housing units used as commercial structures and homes made from shipping containers
  • prefabricated components used in the construction of a site-built home (such as a roof truss or a structural insulated panel, along with the additional work required at the jobsite to complete the residence

Systems where materials used to erect a home are cut at a factory or lumber mill, labeled, and sent to a jobsite, are not considered to be precut housing are also excluded.

Unit pricing per residence and the total installed value (e.g., labor, fees, utility hookups) of a residence are provided for each residence type.

Additionally, demand for prefabricated housing is broken out for major US geographic regions and subregions.

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