Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Construction, Lightweight Products Drive Growth in Pressure Sensitive Tape Market


Advances will be driven by the performance advantages and lighter weight of PSA tapes relative to other fastening and joining methods, as well as the use of higher-value specialty tapes that possess application-specific characteristics, such as high heat resistance and painless removal from skin.

Key Findings in the Pressure Sensitive Tape Study:

Lightweighting of Electronic Devices and Motor Vehicles to Fuel Tape

Increasingly, consumers are opting for lighter-weight electronic devices, such as wearables, and vehicles that enhance fuel efficiency, creating opportunities for PSA tape producers. To trim product weight, manufacturers in these markets are shifting away from traditional fasteners like bolts and screws toward lighter-weight PSA tapes. For example, double-sided and strapping and bundling PSA tapes are specified by automotive and electronics manufacturers for the lightweighting solutions they provide.

Building & Construction Activity Will Continue to Support PSA Tape Sales

Solid growth in construction activity, particularly building construction, will continue to drive the use of PSA tapes used in building processes. For example, tapes used for structural joining meet rigorous specifications, raising aggregate value demand. These tapes include:

  • masking tapes used when painting
  • foil tapes used in HVAC installations
  • strapping and bundling tapes used to unitize large building materials like lumber and gas pipes
  • electrical tape used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications

PSA Tapes See Rising Use for Smart, Connected, and IoT Devices

Consumer electronic devices – including thermostats and appliances – are increasingly interconnected via the Internet to enhance efficiencies. Known as the Internet of Things (IoT), this network enables users to remotely monitor and control devices in their homes. As the number of electronic devices per house increases, PSA tapes will see increased use, both in the manufacture of these products and among end users who opt to mount their devices or bundle and support wires and cables.

Medical Tapes Experience Healthy Growth

As the large baby boomer cohort of the US population ages, an ensuing increase in medical services will boost demand for PSA tapes used in wound management and the prevention and treatment of orthopedic injuries. PSA tapes used in medical applications that entail adhesion to the skin are formulated to meet hygienic standards, remain comfortable with extended use and removable painlessly from skin. Given their unique requirements, these tapes command a premium over general purpose tapes.

Study Coverage

This study presents historical data (2007, 2012, and 2017) and forecasts for 2022 by product (adhesive transfer, carton sealing, double-sided, duct, electrical, foil, masking, medical, strapping & bundling, and surface protection), market (building & construction, consumer & office, healthcare & medical, manufacturing, and packaging & shipping), and material (backing materials and adhesives). The study also evaluates company market share and provides analysis on industry competitors including Berry Global, Intertape Polymer, Nitto Denko, Shurtape, and 3M.

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