Private Security Services

17th Edition

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This study analyzes the US private contracted security services market, including providing security for facilities, assets, and personnel. Revenues for private security services are examined by service and market in US dollars. Historical data for 2008, 2013, and 2018 and forecasts for 2023 are presented in current dollars (which are not adjusted to account for inflation).

Contract Security Services

Revenues by service include:

  • guarding (includes patrolling, monitoring surveillance equipment, and overseeing stationary locations)
  • security monitoring (includes planning security systems, performing maintenance and reviews, reacting to events, and providing post-event support)
  • private investigations – includes hired personnel to perform such duties as:
    • criminal, credit, and driving record searches
    • verification of social security numbers, educational and professional credentials, previous employment, and property ownership
    • the location of missing persons
    • polygraph examinations
    • undercover operations
    • searches for data for legal proceedings and regulatory matters
    • retrieval of electronic data
    • forensic accounting
    • insurance, internal theft, competitive intelligence, and due diligence investigations
  • systems integration and management, including:
    • installation of new security systems, adding new components to an existing system, or integration of security equipment into overall building functions
    • recurring services such as system maintenance, database management, and system monitoring
  • cash-in-transit and related services (includes the transport of cash, other legal tender, and valuables via armored transport vehicles, and the provision of ATM management and replenishment, cash management, secured logistics, and other back office services)
  • security consulting (includes proactively planning security systems, performing maintenance and reviews, reacting to events, and providing post-event support)
  • pre-employment screening (includes the screening of job applicants)
  • drug and contraband detection dog services
  • training for guards and other security personnel
  • sweeping for bombs and surveillance devices
  • renting vault rooms for off-site storage of computer data and other valuables
  • private airline security services

Markets include:

  • nonresidential:
    • commercial (commercial offices and office buildings)
    • industrial (manufacturing facilities and warehouses)
    • government (courthouses, embassies, jails, military bases, monuments, prisons, publicly owned utilities, other government buildings)
    • institutional (includes drug treatment centers, hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, and rehabilitation centers, as well as primary and secondary schools, higher education facilities and campuses such as colleges and universities, day care centers, tutoring centers, non-degree granting institutions such as certificate, business, or trade programs)
    • other nonresidential (includes theaters, concert halls, convention centers, sports arenas, stadiums, and other public venues; private utilities plants; nonprofit agencies; and air and nautical ports, bus terminals, train stations, and other transportation facilities)
  • residential (includes single-family homes, multifamily homes, and manufactured homes)

Excluded from the scope of this study are:

  • public safety personnel (e.g., police officers, public corrections officers, federal agents, and firefighters)
  • in-house, proprietary security services, such as guards, detectives, and off-duty police officers on the paid staff of (non-security) business establishments
  • equipment installation services (aside from systems integration)
  • locksmith activities
  • security products distribution and sales
  • private correctional facility management

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