Retail-Ready Packaging

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Demand for retail-ready packaging is projected to climb through 2023 due to increased penetration in a multitude of store formats. Corrugated boxes will remain the dominant type due to their versatility. Other retail-ready packaging types such as reusable plastic containers compete with corrugated boxes due to advantages such as better aesthetics. Displays will remain the second most used type of retail-ready packaging, with growth driven by value-added features such as high-quality graphics.

Display Ready Packaging

This report encompasses retail-ready packaging that is used by a number of markets in a variety of applications and retail stores. Retail-ready packaging – also known as shelf-ready packaging, display-ready packaging, and pallet-ready packaging – refers to secondary packaging for retail products that arrives in a manner enabling items to go directly from their secondary packaging to the shelf or selling floor without the need for unpacking the inner contents. Product segments discussed include:

  • corrugated boxes
  • corrugated displays
  • folding cartons
  • reusable plastic containers
  • pad and shrink film packaging

Excluded from this study are:

  • pallets
  • permanent retail displays
  • corrugated displays requiring more than minimal assembly
  • folding cartons for beverage multipacks
  • transport containers such as milk crates and bakery trays
  • case-ready meat packaging
  • shrink film overwraps for multipacks that customers take home
  • regular slotted containers that are cut open with sloped side panels
  • previously purchased reusable plastic containers
  • packaging and transportation services, such as pallet tracking

Market segments discussed in this study include:

  • food, which is further segmented by application
  • beverage
  • nonfood

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