Roofing Accessories

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US demand for roofing accessories is forecast to advance at an average annual pace of 3.5% to $7.8 billion in 2025. Demand surged in 2021 off of an already high 2020 base, as housing starts continued to rise and fueled demand for products used in the installation of steep-slope roofing products, such as underlayment, fasteners, ventilation products, and flashing.

Growth is expected to moderate beginning in 2022 as housing construction retreats from its peak. However, the market will remain elevated throughout the forecast period due to:

  • continuing interest in reroofing projects in both the residential and commercial markets
  • growth in new commercial building construction

Liquid-Applied Roof Coatings & Rising Asphalt Prices Boost Roofing Compounds Market

Demand for roofing compounds – which include liquid-applied roof coatings, adhesives, primers, sealants, and mastics, among others – will grow at a relatively fast rate, with liquid-applied roof coatings and adhesives offering the best opportunities:

  • Use of liquid-applied roof coatings is rising because:
    • These products extend the lifespans of existing membrane-based roof systems by imparting enhanced protection against the elements.
    • Many liquid-applied roof coatings meet cool roofing criteria, promoting their use in the southern half of the US to reduce energy use.
  • Demand for adhesives is boosted by their increased use in conjunction with mechanical fasteners to protect against damage, as well as by rising asphalt prices since many roofing adhesives are asphalt based.

Increased use of liquid-applied roof coatings also boosts use of primers, which improve adhesion – especially on uneven or worn substrates.

Roofing Underlayment Will Once Again Be the Most Used Product

Roofing underlayment has traditionally accounted for the largest share of roofing accessories demand and will retake its leading market position from fasteners by 2025 on the strength of above average gains. In addition to the high level of new housing construction – installation of roofing underlayment is mandated on steep-slope roofs in nearly all of the US – demand will be supported by rising interest in the use of these materials to better protect roofs from leaks. In many areas of the US, roofing contractors will install multiple layers of underlayment to provide maximum protection against moisture penetration.

The South Will Remain the Largest Regional Market for Roofing Accessories

The South is expected to remain the leading US geographic market for roofing accessories, accounting for more growth than any other region. Rising use of roofing accessories in the South will be supported by its climate, as:

  • Frequent severe weather events necessitate many reroofing projects.
  • Many contractors are using more roofing accessories to better protect structures from exposure to severe rainfall and excessive sunshine.

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