Roofing Distributors in the US

Distributors play a major role in selling roofing in the US.

While four firms account for more than half of all sales, a large number of smaller retailers also play key roles in the market. These smaller roofing distributors include a wide of range of firms, from general building materials retailers to distributors serving customers in a particular region.

Roofing distributors are presented in terms of overall sales size:

• Over $1 billion

• Between $250 million and $1 billion

• Between $40 million and $120 million

• Between $10 million and $30 million

• Less than $5 million

Distribution outlets are presented as to the subregion in which they are located:

• New England

• Middle Atlantic

• East North Central

• West North Central

• South Atlantic

• East South Central

• West South Central

• Mountain

• Pacific

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