Specialty Films

7th Edition

Specialty films are a $7.4 billion industry comprising a specialized subset of the much larger plastic film industry, which encompasses numerous products, including commodity packaging films, trash bags, retail bags, and agricultural film. Specialty films are differentiated from commodity products by utilizing higher-cost resins and/or receiving some modification, such as the incorporation of functional additives or the application of coatings, metalization, and other surface treatments, yielding value-added products.

Functional Films

Functional classes are:

  • barrier films
  • microporous films
  • safety and security films
  • conductive and insulative films
  • light control films
  • water soluble films
  • biodegradable films
  • other specialty films

In addition, demand is analyzed by the following base resins:

  • polyolefins
  • polyester
  • nylon
  • ethylene vinyl alcohol
  • polyvinyl butyral
  • polyvinylidene chloride
  • fluoropolymers
  • other resins

This study also includes analysis by the following markets:

  • food packaging
  • nonfood packaging
  • personal care products
  • construction
  • transportation equipment
  • electronics
  • other markets

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