Stand-Up Pouches

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This study examines the US market for stand-up pouches. Product segments covered include round-bottom/Doyen, K-seal, corner-bottom, flat-bottom and other types employed in food, beverage, and nonfood applications. Also discussed are pouch performance and/or physical characteristics such as:

  • resealable pouches
  • retort pouches
  • shaped pouches
  • spouted pouches
  • aseptic pouches

Food market segments for pouches include:

  • candy and snacks (e.g., savory snacks, candy and confection, bakery snacks, nuts and dried fruit)
  • processed foods (e.g., dry foods, frozen foods, sauces and condiments, baby food)
  • beverages
  • pet food and treats
  • meat, poultry, and seafood
  • fresh produce
  • cheese
  • other food, including coffee and tea (not ready-to-drink), yogurt, pudding, sugar and alternative sweeteners, protein powders, and nutritional gels

Nonfood market segments include:

  • consumer products (e.g., lawn and garden, soaps and cleaning products, wipes)
  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • industrial and other products, including agricultural and other chemicals, and small industrial and electronic components and parts

Excluded from the scope of the study are bags and sacks, bag-in-box packaging, reusable pouches, non-packaging pouch applications (e.g., pouches for in-house sterilization of medical and dental instruments), and air cushioning pouch packaging systems.

Historical data (2009, 2014, and 2019) and forecasts for 2024 are provided for pouch demand (including merchant and captive production) in current dollars (including inflation) by product type and market and in units.

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