Work-From-Home Consumer Insights

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Remote Work

Work-from-home – or remote work – became a major trend at onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some workers, mostly in the knowledge economy, had already been working from a home office, many more shifted to remote work in March 2020. In some cases, these workers have stayed home, while others have since returned to the office on a full- or part-time basis.

Changes in where and how we work affect so many parts of the US economy, from obvious sectors like commercial real estate to how commuting or not changes where and how workers spend their money. Therefore, an investigation into consumer trends in this area can give insight to marketing and product development opportunities.

This report contains analysis and data-based discussions of work-from-home trends, including a look at COVID-19 pandemic concerns and wellness impacts, attitudes about work, demographic trends, and other consumer insights.

This report includes analysis, data, trends, and customized cross tabs using two survey resources:

  • data from The Freedonia Group’s proprietary national online survey conducted from February 2021, June 2021, August 2021, October-November 2021, November-December 2021, February 2022, and May 2022
  • data from syndicated national consumer survey results from MRI-Simmons Spring 2012-2022 Reports

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