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Article Title: Mining equipment sales to rise 5.8 percent annually
Publication: Pit & Quarry, 1/27/2012
Freedonia Study: World Mining Equipment (2840)

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The North American market for mining equipment is projected to climb 5.8 percent annually to $11 billion by 2015. At the same time, the world market for mining equipment is expected to rise 8.5 percent annually to $92 billion. Demand will be stimulated by a pickup in mining output growth as global manufacturing activity and construction expenditures accelerate. Commodity prices are also expected to remain high by historical standards, contributing to a rise in resource exploration and development activity. The world market for nonmetallic minerals mining machinery will rise at a somewhat slower rate than that of metal- and coal-mining equipment. This information is reported in World Mining Machinery, a study from The Freedonia Group Inc.

Article Title: Michelin Plans South Carolina Factory
By: Jeff Bennett
Publication: Wall Street Journal, 4/10/2012
Freedonia Study: World Mining Equipment (2840)

Quote from article
Demand for mining equipment alone is expected to rise 8.5% annually through 2015 as higher commodity prices provide the financial resources for more exploration and development, according to a recently released study by the Freedonia Group. Growth is expected to occur in China, Australia and Canada, according to the international business-research group.

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