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Global demand for formulated pesticides is forecast to increase 3.4% per year to $94.7 billion in 2025, supported mostly by growth in the dominant agricultural market due to:

  • increasing agricultural productivity on a per hectare basis
  • changes in crop mix, increased access to a wider range of pesticide formulations, and improved farmer education

Global Pesticides

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This study analyzes the world market for pesticides. The products focused on are:

  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • fungicides
  • other pesticides and repellants, including:
    • acaricides
    • bactericides
    • defoliants and desiccants
    • fumigants
    • larvicides
    • molluscicides
    • nematicides
    • ovicides
    • rodenticides
    • silvicides
    • slimicides

Global Agricultural Pesticides

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Global Consumer Pesticides

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Global Herbicides

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