Global Countertops

This study includes a Near Term COVID-19 Impact discussion.

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This study analyzes the global market for residential and nonresidential countertops (also called benchtops or worktops in some parts of the world), including kitchen, bathroom, and other (e.g., laundry and bar) countertops for the new construction and remodeling markets. In this study, countertops are defined as countertop surfaces, as well as edging and backsplash, but not countertop materials used as wall coverings.


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Countertops used in applications other than residential and nonresidential buildings – such as in recreational vehicles, ships, and boats – are excluded. Surfaces installed on tables, rolling utility carts, and other furniture are also excluded from this study.

Integrated sinks were included in demand if they featured functional counter space on either side of the sink (only the counter space itself was included in the countertop estimate – the sink itself was excluded). If the integrated sink only featured a small edge or lip, the entire integrated sink was excluded.

Tile made from granite, marble, or other natural stones are included in the Other Materials category.

For purposes of this study, all engineered stone data is at the slab manufacturer’s level.

Historical data (2009, 2014, and 2019) and forecasts for 2024 and 2029 are provided for countertop demand by material, market, and are of installation in square meters on a country-by-country basis. Global demand by material is also provided in dollars.

Demand and prices for countertops are measured at the installation level.

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