Global Fertilizers

2nd Edition

This study covers the global market for fertilizers, including agriculture, commercial, and consumer uses.

What are the product breakouts?

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphate
  • Potassium
  • Micronutrients (e.g., sulfur)
  • Commercially manufactured organic fertilizers

On-site fertilizer production (e.g., animal waste, kitchen scraps) is excluded from the scope of this study.

Unless otherwise noted, demand is given in metric tons (nutrient basis) and is evaluated at the manufacturers’ level. Manufacturers’ level demand includes all formulations and additives included by the manufacturers in the fertilizer products shipped to distributors, retailers, and secondary formulators such as fertilizer application services or consumer formulators. Additional formulation by distributors, service companies, and end users is excluded. Production capacity is given in formulated terms.

Historical data for 2007, 2012, and 2017 and forecasts for 2022 are provided for fertilizer demand by market and product for six regions and 27 individual countries.


Commercial Fertilizer

Any fertilizer industrially produced and marketed by suppliers.

Farm-Made Fertilizer

Also called on-site fertilizer; fertilizers derived from on-site farm waste, not purchased from a distributor or retailer.


Any material applied to soils or plants to supply plant nutrients.

Formulated Fertilizer

Fertilizer volume representing the total chemical weight of the finished fertilizer product, as well as added ingredients such as carriers, solvents, spreaders, and other additives.

Muriate of Potash

Potassium chloride; contains 60% potash.

Nutrient Basis

Fertilizer volume representing only the content of elemental nutrient in the formulated fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizers

Fertilizers made with biological materials, e.g., animal manure, food scraps, tilled plants.


Salts containing potassium in water-soluble form; may be used interchangeably with “potassium”.

Sulfate of Potash

Contains both potassium and sulfur.

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