Global Plain Bearings

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This study analyzes the global market for plain bearings by region and type (journal, spherical, thrust and other bearings).

Demand is also discussed by market:

  • machinery, including:
    • agricultural equipment
    • construction machinery
    • material handling equipment
    • food and beverage processing machinery
    • forestry equipment
    • mining machinery
    • oil and gas equipment
    • industrial equipment
    • machine tools
    • packaging equipment
    • pumps
    • utility equipment
  • motor vehicles (e.g., automobiles; light, medium, and heavy trucks; recreational vehicles; mini-buses and shuttles; all-terrain vehicles; motor coaches and transit buses; vans)
    • original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
    • aftermarket (MRO)
  • aerospace (e.g., airplanes, drones, helicopters, rockets, satellites, space vehicles)
  • motorcycles, including internal combustion engine and electric moped, motorcycles, and scooters
  • other markets, including:
    • appliances
    • bicycles
    • boats, ships, and other marine equipment
    • electronics and electrical equipment
    • instruments
    • medical products
    • military hardware
    • railway equipment
    • sports equipment
    • wind turbines

Excluded from the scope of this study are mounted products (such as pillow block and rod end bearings); separately sold plain bearing parts; adaptor and withdrawal sleeves; flexure, fluid, and magnetic bearings; lock nuts and washers; lubricators; and retaining plates.

Historical data (2010, 2015, and 2020) and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 are presented for plain bearing demand, production, and net exports in current US dollars (including inflation). Year-by-year historical sales are provided in US dollars and local currency (when applicable) for selected countries discussed in the report.

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