Home & Garden Insecticides

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This report covers the US market for home and garden insecticides, which includes products used in residential settings by nonprofessional pesticide applicators. Service revenues and sales of pesticides to professional users are excluded from the scope of this study. Also excluded are alternative products such as traps, electronic repellents, and beneficial organisms.

Products include:

  • household insect control products (e.g., for flying and crawling insects, fleas and ticks, other household pests such as mites and spiders)
  • insect repellents (e.g., sprays intended for skin application, indoor repellents, insect repellents for use in outdoor living spaces)
  • lawn and turf products, such as pyrethroids and neonicotinoids,
  • garden care products

Demand is also segmented by formulation:

  • liquids
  • aerosols
  • granules
  • powders and dusts
  • other formulation (e.g., gels, pastes, solid forms such as blocks and bars)

In addition, home and garden pesticide retail sales are analyzed with segments including:

  • mass merchandisers
  • home centers
  • internet and mail order
  • garden centers
  • other retailers (e.g., hardware stores, feed and seed stores, drug stores, grocery stores, convenience stores)

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