Kitchen Countertops

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Demand for kitchen countertops in the US is forecast to rise 5.0% per year to 662 million square feet in 2026, valued at $37.3 billion. Gains will be supported by:

  • consumer willingness to trade up to more expensive materials such as granite and engineered stone to improve home values
  • trends favoring larger kitchens with more counter space, including kitchen islands and bar seating areas
  • rising commercial building construction
  • popularity of extended backsplashes in kitchen designs, particularly of materials that match the countertops themselves

New housing construction and home remodeling began to normalize in 2022 following exceedingly high levels in 2021. This trend will continue through the forecast period, limiting even greater demand gains.

Engineered Stone Surpasses Laminate as the Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Material

In 2021, engineered stone surpassed laminate to become the most used kitchen countertop material in the US, marking the first time in decades that laminate was not the most popular countertop material. Through 2026, engineered stone will significantly expand its leading market share to account for 44% of kitchen countertop demand in area terms:

  • The rapid increase in low-cost slabs from foreign markets – particularly India, Turkey, and Vietnam – has made engineered stone countertops more affordable for middle-class homeowners.
  • Consumers will continue to strongly prefer the aesthetics and quality of engineered stone over laminates, especially as engineered stone’s color availability expands.

Laminates will continue to fall out of favor, with more expensive types like natural stone seeing use instead.

Demand for Porcelain Slab Kitchen Countertops Grows Robustly

Rapidly rising in popularity as an alternative to engineered stone and granite, porcelain slab is expected to be the fastest growing kitchen countertop material. Porcelain slab appeals to consumers who want to differentiate their homes but still install countertops with a natural appearance and favorable performance properties, such as:

  • stain resistance in both indoor and outdoor settings, as well as heat and frost resistance, which makes porcelain a top choice for outdoor kitchens
  • greater strength and durability when compared to granite
  • absence of discoloration or color change issues
  • wide variety of finishes, patterns, and colors available from manufacturers
  • easy-to-clean, hygienic surface

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