Lawn & Garden Consumables

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This report includes data from 2011-2031. Now, also with tables featuring year by year data for 2018-2025.

Lawn and Garden

The market for lawn and garden consumables – including packaged fertilizer, pesticides, growing media, seeds, mulch, and niche products – is expected to grow 1.3% per year through 2026 to $11.7 billion from a high 2021 base. Consumers and business owners became more interested in maintaining and improving outdoor spaces, causing demand to spike in 2020 and remain at record levels in 2021.

Though demand in volume terms is expected to moderate over the course of the forecast period, the market will be sustained in part by a continued switch among established users to higher value consumables meant for specialized functions and with better performance.

High market levels will also be sustained by:

  • above average growth in the professional market, due in part to a shift by homeowners to service firms to maintain lawns and gardens
  • a new, enlarged base of consumers to invest in updates to and maintenance on their outdoor spaces

Professional End Users Will Lead Gains Through 2026

Professional demand for lawn and garden consumables is expected to fare better than consumer demand, partially because the consumer market was nearly saturated in 2021. Unlike consumers, some professionals were hampered by cancellations and shutdowns in early 2020, which affected demand for consumables in that year.

While professional revenues improved in the latter part of 2020 and through 2021, they will continue to rise as pre-pandemic trends – such as the increasing use of service firms by homeowners for lawn and garden maintenance – return. In addition, demand for consumables by professional end users will be supported by the ongoing investment in parks, rooftop gardens, and other green spaces that are connected to both public and commercial areas.

Larger Consumer Base Will Help Maintain Elevated Sales and Recurring Investments

The COVID-19 pandemic increased participation in lawn maintenance and gardening; new households were brought into the fold, while others increased their gardening activity from pre-pandemic levels. Consumers looked to their outdoor spaces as both refuges and additional areas to safely gather and entertain. While some of this new participation is expected to wane, lawn and garden consumables suppliers will benefit from a generally larger customer base going forward, supporting demand for a variety of products.

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