Lawn & Garden Watering Products

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This report presents a detailed analysis of the US consumer market for residential do-it-yourself (DIY) lawn and garden watering products.

Lawn and Garden Watering

This report outlines key issues and trends affecting the overall market and analyzes relevant segments:

  • garden hoses, including conventional hoses, soaker hoses, sprinkler hoses, expandable hoses, and other lightweight hoses such as expandable, compact, and coiled hoses as well as those made from materials such as polyurethane, polypropylene, or metal that are promoted as lighter in weight compared to conventional hoses; the value of nozzles sold attached to expandable lightweight hoses is also included here
  • DIY irrigation systems, including basic and smart controllers; and underground, aboveground, and drip systems as well as kits that bundle all products necessary to create a system
  • hose-end nozzles, including pattern nozzles, pistol nozzles, wands, and other nozzles such as twist and fan nozzles but excluding the value of nozzles sold attached to lightweight expandable hoses
  • hose-end sprinklers, including oscillating sprinklers, pulsating/impact sprinklers, stationary/spot sprinklers, and other sprinklers such as rotating/revolving and traveling sprinklers
  • hose reels, including stationary, portable, hideaway, and spring-loaded types
  • accessories and other products, including tap timers, rain barrels, watering cans, hose menders, and couplers

Sprinklers included with irrigation systems are counted as part of DIY irrigation systems as are individual system components sold separately. To avoid double counting, sprinklers that are used in irrigation systems are excluded from the scope of this study.

The report does not include products/services sold to the following markets:

  • agricultural
  • commercial
  • horticultural
  • institutional
  • professional
  • recreational

Activities and performance of major manufacturers and marketers as well as brands are analyzed. Market size data in US dollars are provided for 2008, 2013, and 2018 with forecasts for 2023. Data in the Products chapter are reported at the manufacturers’ level, while data in the Distribution Channels chapter are reported at retail level. Market shares by company are calculated at manufacturers’ level.

All retail channels that sell consumer lawn and garden watering products are covered and considered in arriving at overall market size estimates, market trends, and competitive analysis.

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