Lawn & Garden Watering Products Market in the US by Product at Manufacturer and Retail Level

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Consumer Preferences for Lush Lawns, Colorful Gardens, and Outdoor Living Drive Gains

Lawn and Garden Watering

The market can fluctuate in part based on weather, as rainy seasons limit demand for supplemental watering, and severe drought conditions may result in restrictions on homeowners watering their lawns and gardens. Otherwise, the market for watering products is relatively mature and dependent on new household formation. Gains will be fueled by consumer preference for outdoor living. Continuing product innovation will further boost growth.

Key Findings in the Lawn & Garden Watering Products Study:

Gains will be fueled by consumer preference for lush, green lawns and colorful gardens. Even in drier areas, homeowners prefer to have a lawn over more drought resistant hardscaping and native plants that require less water. Growth is further spurred by trends in outdoor living (e.g., outdoor cooking and entertaining) as homeowners prefer to be outside in a beautiful space with well-tended decorative plants and green lawns. Furthermore, rising interest in gardening – decorative and/or edible – will boost sales. Gardeners are more likely to purchase higher value or specialty watering equipment to tend to their plants.

Interest in Water Conservation & Watering Automation Will Spur Innovations

Products such as automated timers designed to save water rose to the fore since 2011 as parts of the US experienced the worst drought in history. While sales of most watering products were hurt by the drought, some that focused on conservation like rain barrels, drip irrigation systems, and soaker hoses benefited. Developments in “smart” devices, including sprinklers that can be controlled via smart phone, are lauded for their potential ability to water more efficiently.

Improvements in Ease of Use, Performance, Durability, & Ergonomics Will also Boost Growth

Improvements in ease of use, performance, and durability particularly benefit sales of hoses, both conventional and next generation lightweight types. Nozzles will benefit from the ongoing introduction of ergonomic designs that limit hand fatigue.

Study Coverage

This study presents historical demand data (2006, 2011 and 2016) and forecasts (2021) by product (hoses, DIY irrigation systems, nozzles, sprinklers, reels, and rain barrels and other accessories) at manufacturers’ level and retail level. It also provides similar data at retail level for lawn and garden watering product sales by retail channel (discount stores, e-commerce, hardware stores, home centers, lawn and garden specialty stores). The study also discusses marketing, product development, and consumer trends, and evaluates company market share and provides competitive analysis on industry competitors including Fiskars, Melnor, Orbit Irrigation, Rain Bird, Swan Products, and Teknor Apex.

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