10th Edition

This study includes a Near-Term Impact of COVID-19 discussion.

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This study analyzes US demand for fencing by material, market, and region. Fencing demand is provided in value terms and in linear feet for materials and markets, and in value terms for regions.

Fencing demand is segmented into the following material types:

  • metal – including chain link, wire, ornamental, and pipe made from some such metals as steel, aluminum, and iron
  • wood – including privacy, picket, post and rail, split rail, lattice, and worm – prefabricated or assembled on-site
  • plastic and composite, including vinyl, HDPE, polypropylene, and other plastics, and composites
  • concrete, including concrete blocks, precast concrete, and spray-in-place/poured-in-place concrete
  • other materials, including stone, brick, bamboo, reed, and twigs

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Fences constructed with more than one material (e.g., wire fencing with wood posts) are categorized by the primary material used to span the area between posts. For example, wire fencing with wood posts is considered to be metal fencing for the purposes of this study.

Also provided is US demand for gates, gate operators, and hardware (e.g., locks, latches, and hinges) in value terms, though these values are not included in the market totals.

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