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Article Title: Global Report on Door and Window Market Forecasts Declining Demand
Publication: USGlass, 7/8/2009
Freedonia Study: World Windows & Doors (2513)

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China is expected to surpass the United States as the largest market for doors and windows by 2013---this prediction comes from the Freedonia Group's new study, "World Windows & Doors," which says product demand in China will account for more than half of the worldwide forecast between 2008-2013. The study noted that demand for doors and windows in China is expected to rise nearly 12 percent annually to $40 billion in 2013. Although the rate of growth will slow compared to the 2003-2008 period, the size of the gains will continue to increase, according to the study. The growth will likely be a result of increasing building construction, especially in the nonresidential market.
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