World Nanotubes

As Quoted In Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Global demand for nanotubes will expand rapidly from a small base to over $200 million in 2009. Flat panel displays for both computers and televisions will be the first widely commercialized application. The US will remain the largest national market, with Japan expected to emerge as number two.

This study analyzes the global nanotube industry. It presents historical demand data for 2004 and forecasts to 2009, 2014 and 2020 by nanotube type (single-wall, multi-wall), by market (e.g., electronic displays, semiconductors, motor vehicle parts, aerospace and defense, energy generation and storage, health care), by world region (Western Europe, Asia/Pacific) and for 13 national markets (e.g., US, France, Germany, Japan, China, Brazil, Russia).

The study also considers market environment indicators, reviews R&D activities and profiles 47 industry participants including Carbon Nanotechnologies, Nanolab, Arkema, Nanocyl, Mitsui & Company, and Toray Industries.

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