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Article Title: US Amines Demand to Reach 3.2 Billion Pounds in 2019
Publication:, 11/2/2015
Freedonia Study: Amines (3330)

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US demand for amines will expand 2.1 percent per year to 3.2 billion pounds in 2019, valued at $3.8 billion. The growing use of pesticide-resistant crops will drive amine demand in agricultural chemicals as greater amounts of glyphosate and other amine-based pesticides are applied. Ethanolamines and specialty amines will benefit from rising demand for natural gas as power generation companies continue to replace coal-fired power plants with more efficient natural gas-burning plants. Rising construction activity will also help drive strong demand for polyetheramines, as well as other amines used in adhesives. However, the use of amines in wood treatment chemicals will not recover significantly as consumers shift to wood-alternative decking, and as treated wood producers increasingly turn to micronized and non-metal-based preservatives that are not formulated with amines. Chemicals Group Leader Ned Zimmerman also points out, “Growth will be limited by the maturity of some of the largest
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