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Our market research provides vital intelligence on market size, business trends, industry structure, market share, and market forecasts that are essential to developing business plans and strategy.

Benefits of our off-the-shelf market research

Freedonia's off-the-shelf research provides timely access to reliable, unbiased analysis from which to benchmark performance and answer critical questions: Is your business growing faster or slower than the overall market? Is your organization gaining or losing market share? Which products and markets are the most desirable to explore for expansion? Are there industry trends or competitor activities that present a threat or opportunity to your business?

With its relatively low investment level, our off-the-shelf research offers a great ROI and can help business leaders make informed, analytically driven decisions. When considering the time, effort, and expertise that goes into it, our off-the-shelf research saves our clients time and money.

The Freedonia Group publishes off-the-shelf industry market research with different levels of detail to best suit your needs and budget. In addition, Freedonia offers custom research services – when your requirements are beyond the scope of our off-the-shelf offerings.

Freedonia Industry Studies

Our flagship product, the Freedonia Industry Study, provides an in-depth examination of an industry. Each study, approximately 300 to 500 pages, is packed with tables, charts and insightful narrative including coverage on:

  • Market size
  • Product segments – size and forecasts
  • Market segments – size and forecasts
  • Market share of leading manufacturers
  • Relevant industry trends
  • Industry structure
  • Company profiles of industry participants
  • Market environment
  • Trade flows

A Full Breadth of Research Titles

Freedonia has over 300 active Industry Study titles as part of its off-the-shelf study offering. These in-depth studies explore a wide variety of topics from 15 core industry categories. Over half of our Industry Studies cover the US market, with the balance providing global coverage with a country-by-country analysis (usually the top 20 economies are covered in a world study).

Freedonia Focus Reports

Freedonia Focus Reports cover much of the same material contained in our Industry Studies, but examine industries at a much higher level. A typical Focus Report is 20 to 30 pages in length. Nevertheless, each report is loaded with relevant information and analysis and is a great way to get up to speed on an industry quickly. They represent the broadest range of off-the-shelf topics available from The Freedonia Group.


All of our Industry Studies and Freedonia Focus Reports are authored using a team approach. Freedonia maintains its own team of economists who are responsible for the macroeconomic forecasts used in every Industry Study and Focus Report. Our specialized industry analysts are engaged to quarterback the authoring of each Study or Report. In addition to gathering and distilling large amounts of secondary material (including trade association publications, corporate annual reports, trade journals and government publications), our analysts conduct primary interviews with participants in the industry and use our internal proprietary databases to reconcile conflicting sources of data and develop reliable forecasts of future demand.

Freedonia employs a stringent editorial process to ensure that the final report meets the high level of standards demanded by our clients.

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